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Psychological Therapy

The aim of psychological therapy is to improve psychological wellbeing by enhancing self-awareness, developing coping strategies, and promoting positive change. Whatever you are experiencing, having a safe space to explore these difficulties can help you to live a more fulfilling life. We will initially work to understand your difficulties and decide on what you want to work towards. I will use a personalised approach, using evidence-based therapeutic approaches to work towards your goals. Book online here.


Specialist and complex psychological assessments can be helpful in understanding yourself or your child better. This may be helpful where there are concerns about learning, work, or relationship difficulties. In one or two sessions, we can work to develop an understanding of specific difficulties you are experiencing and create bespoke recommendations to move forwards. I am experienced in providing specialist psychological assessments, including neuropsychological & neurodevelopmental assessments, for adults and children (including autism & ADHD). Book here.


If you need help making sense of one particular problem or difficulty, psychological consultation may be helpful. Sometimes one or two sessions can assist individuals, families and organisations to think about difficulties from a psychological perspective and work collaboratively toward finding a way forward. A consultation can help to bring clarity to challenges and may prevent difficulties by bringing about awareness, navigating life changes, and enhancing overall wellbeing. Book here.

psychological wellbeing workshops

I offer a number of workshops at different venues across West Yorkshire & online. These include:

  • Becoming a mindful parent

  • An introduction to fourth-trimester wellbeing

  • Little people, big feelings

  • Understanding Neurodivergence

For more information on upcoming workshops,click here.

psychological wellbeing groups

As well as workshops, I offer several different groups where we will meet over a number of weeks to explore your experiences in greater depth. These include:

  • My baby in mind

  • Values led parenting

  • Embrace & Thrive: ADHD

  • Courageous Cubs: Supporting your anxious child

For more information on upcoming group programmes, click here.

corporate mental health and wellbeing workshops

Psychological healthy workplaces increase staff retention, satisfaction, and productivity and decrease staff sickness and absinteeism. I am experienced in providing employee support and I deliver regular workshops for businesses such as managing stress at work, compassionate leadership, and building resilience. I am also available for consultation, for example on creating neurodiverse positive workplaces. Bespoke training packages are available to meet your workplace mental health and well-being needs. E-mail me to discuss your needs.


Let’s Talk!

I offer a free initial 15 minute conversation

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