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Dr Lucy
Clinical Psychologist

Registered Senior Clinical Psychologist based in West Yorkshire; working to promote positive mental wellbeing for the whole family.

Hi, I'm Dr Lucy.


I am a qualified and experienced clinical psychologist who has worked in the NHS for the past 10 years delivering complex assessments and psychological therapy. Alongside my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I have specialist training in family therapy, children's mental health, postnatal mental health, autism, ADHD, and trauma. My mission is to help individuals and families achieve positive mental health and wellbeing. 



Psychological Therapy

Perhaps you are experiencing difficulties with your psychological wellbeing and are unsure how to move forward. I offer both short and long-term evidence-based psychological therapy on a 1:1 basis. This can help you to develop insight into your experience and build a personal toolkit to enable you to enhance your wellbeing.


Specialist psychological assessment

Specialist and complex psychological assessments can be helpful for children and adults who may be experiencing day-to-day difficulties with their learning, work, or relationships. Using a variety of tools (such as standardised testing), we can gain a comprehensive understanding of these difficulties and create bespoke recommendations.


If you need help making sense of one particular problem or difficulty, psychological consultation may be helpful. Sometimes one or two sessions can assist individuals, families and organisations to think about difficulties from a psychological perspective. We will work collaboratively to help you find a way forward.

Let’s Talk!

I offer a free initial 15 minute conversation

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